May 31, 2023
Co-Parenting After Divorce - Dad and son making origami art

Putting Your Children First: Co-Parenting Through Divorce

Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging experience for all parties involved, especially when children are in the picture. As parents, it is our responsibility to prioritize the […]
May 19, 2023
Family Law Attorney Bakersfield - Thompson Law - Ad Banner

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Family Law Attorney in Bakersfield

Table of Contents Introduction Why You Need a Family Law Attorney Understanding the Complexity of Family Law Cases Protecting Your Rights and Interests The Expertise of […]
May 18, 2023
Court Ordered Visitation - Father Arriving home for child visitation

Establish Paternity Rights in Bakersfield, CA

Table of Contents: Introduction Why Establishing Paternity is Important How to Establish Paternity in Bakersfield, CA 3.1. Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity 3.2. Court-Ordered Paternity Testing 3.3. […]