Criminal Law

Misdemeanor & Felony

If you are being investigated by the police for a crime or if you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you need the immediate assistance of a Bakersfield criminal defense attorney. A good criminal defense attorney can explain your rights in all stages of the investigative stage and help make the difference between a dismissal or reduced plea bargain and a jail sentence.

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI Attorney Bakersfield)

DUI or Driving under the influence refers to the act of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs. This drunken driving charge is a criminal offense in most countries. The penalties for being convicted of DUI depend on prior criminal and traffic records, the level of alcohol in blood, and the specific facts of the case at hand. Lastly, if you are driving under the influence and a accident is caused due to your behavior you are looking into a lot of problems.

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It happens more than you might suspect: Someone made a mistake many years ago, but has lived a lawful, productive life ever since. Unfortunately, that old criminal record restricts job and education opportunities. An expungement lawyer can help you clear your record.

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